Nice to meet you virtually

Hi, My name is Huong (pronounced like Hong Kong). I look forward to helping you keep your house and pets safe while you travel. 


I am a Real Estate Investor (retired from Engineering & PMP in my early 40s) and I travel with my son (he is 7 years old) full time, while managing my Real Estate portfolio from afar, and coaching others on-line. While my son is young, I want to maximize the time we enjoy life through travelling. During 2019, we started travelling in China and returned back to Canada in 2020 due to COVID. We have since updated our plans to travel to different parts of Canada and the US in RV. During this time, I hope to help you keep your house (and pets) safe and well cared for.


Over the past 4 years, I house sat (dog & cat sat) for family and friends (and on and love it. During my travels with my son, I figure house sitting would be a great way to see different parts of Canada and US with a purpose. I also have experience with sitting chickens, ducks and roosters, and watering plants and gardening. My son helps me with all my assignments (and he loves it too). I use these as teaching moments with him to take care of and help others.


Iam super respectful of your space and privacy. Iam a non-smoker, non-party-er and non-drug user. My son and I bring a sense of adventure and fun (roll with it and make the best of everything). I love cleaning (so your house will be clean upon your return) and walking dogs. We are quite, live a minimalist lifestyle so will not use excessive water or electricity. We could also driving our RV to your place so can stay in there if preferred.


Please email me at or phone me at 647-202-7528, if I can help you house sit.


COVID UPDATE: due to the current COVID situation, I am only accepting house sitting duties in Canada. 



We had the great pleasure of having Huong and her son condo sit and cat sit for us on very short notice for 7 weeks. Huong was great at sending us pictures and updates on the condo repairs and our cat on a regular basis. We returned to a very clean condo, linens washed, dishes clean and a safe cat. We would definitely recommend Huong as she was very respectful of our space and easily accommodated our early return. (T,J&F)  


Over the past years, I had Huong condo sit, house sit and cat sit for us. She was very helpful and easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend Huong. She left my place better than I left it and I had a lot of peace of mind knowing that I had someone as trustworthy as her. My cat loved her too and they spent a lot of time cuddling on the couch together. (JT)

Contact info for full references can be provided upon request